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The Seed to Rediscovery, Growth and Empowerment

A personal and business empowerment company providing reliable advice, trustworthy methods and supportive platforms to promote growth and empower you to be free to enjoy life.


Euroclaire is a holding company managing subsidiary companies operating in the professional and personal consultant service industry. We provide corporate support and services to our operating entities pertaining to personal development, life coaching and growth, logistics consulting, networking and business development, and employee development.

Our mission is to carry out projects in the domestic and international markets in accordance with the highest global quality standards, guided by the principles of professional ethics. We draw on our strong team experience to generate superior returns for our stakeholders.


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Logistic Planning

Are you an importer or exporter? Remove unnecessary costs, inefficient time consumption and eliminate frustrations as you engage in your business processes.

A Pathway to Growth

Turnkey Online Business

Do you need support to start your own online business? Benefit from full training and support through personal development courses and online events. 

SoulLife Adventure

Create Your Best Life

Develop the self-trust and the self-confidence to listen to your own voice and create your best life by design and bring it to reality.

“Be empowered to create the best version of yourself”

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